Ashleigh Fredrickson’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Cherry Hills

Ashleigh Fredrickson’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Cherry Hills

Cherry Hills is a peaceful and serene neighborhood right outside of Denver. With an upscale atmosphere and incredible homes, the Cherry Hills real estate scene is gorgeously stunning and private. Thanks to large lot sizes and plenty of space between properties, Cherry Hills offers the privacy that people need. Homes are spacious, inviting, and luxurious, with all of the amenities one could wish for, from upgraded granite interiors to large heated pools and open, flowing floor plans. Cherry Hills maintains a rural feel and has been protected from outside development, allowing residents to take in Colorado's cool, crisp air in a relaxing setting.
Although Cherry Hills has a rural, pastoral vibe to it, it’s also located just a short drive from Denver. This makes it incredibly easy to access all of the amenities of the city, and it’s an excellent locale for those that need to commute to the office. The community also offers a quick commute to the Denver International Airport for those jet-setters looking for a change of scenery.
Cherry Hills is calm and tranquil, but it’s just a short drive away from some of the best adrenaline-producing skiing and snowboarding in the country. Cherry Hills is surrounded by amazing ski and snowboarding resorts, such as Breckenridge Ski Resort, Vail Ski Resort, Keystone Ski Resort, and so many more. The amenities of these resorts aren’t just limited to the winter, as they also provide endless summer adventures, such as hiking, mountain biking, and swimming.
If you are lucky enough to own a piece of gorgeous real estate here, you already know that Cherry Hills homes are in high demand, with so many amenities and amazing access to everything Colorado has to offer. However, you want your home-selling journey to go as smoothly as possible. For that, you need a top-tier agent on your side.
If you’re looking to sell your home, these home-selling tips from Denver agent Ashleigh Fredrickson will help you get the best deal possible. Read on for her expert guidance.

Hire a respected local realtor

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The absolute best tip for selling your home without all the stress is to hire a Cherry Hills real estate agent who knows the community inside and out. For that, you want Ashleigh Fredrickson on your side.
In Cherry Hills, buyers are looking for luxury and exclusivity, and Ashleigh will be able to provide that experience and connect you with buyers whose interests are in line with what your home has to offer. After all, with a median list price of $3.4 million in the community, you need to team up with a listing agent who understands how to work within the luxury market and negotiate with the most discerning of buyers.
Ashleigh has a complex understanding of market dynamics and which designs and amenities are on trend. In fact, her office currently is listing the highest priced home for sale in Cherry Hills. With a wealth of knowledge and experience backing her, Ashleigh has the skills to analyze the Denver market and where it’s headed, and she uses her expertise to create a luxurious selling experience that attracts only the best buyers for her clients.
In addition, homes in Denver are spending more days on the market due to market moderation. For this reason, you need to enter the game with a solid and strong marketing plan and a savvy pricing strategy that will get your home seen and sold. Ashleigh is well-versed in tried-and-true marketing tactics and competitive, accurate pricing techniques to garner interest and high offers for your property. Not only that, but the Cherry Hills community consists of numerous subdivisions, so your pricing strategy needs to be highly local and precise. Because of this, teaming up with an agent who has specialized, hyper-local knowledge will give you an advantage and put your home above all the rest.
Furthermore, listing agents not only know how to attract the right buyers, but they also have connections to other agents and real estate professionals that you might need throughout the selling process. They are expert negotiators and can make the entire home-selling process easy and stress-free for you, all while getting you the best price possible on your home.

Work with a professional stager

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Another essential tip for selling your home is to hire a professional stager who is well-versed in creating a neutral yet appealing space. Stagers are design professionals who can help you clean, declutter, and organize your home to ensure that it communicates the luxury and value that you have to offer.
Professional stagers understand home design and what trends are currently popular with buyers. They will help you arrange the items you own and bring in additional furniture and art pieces to create beautiful, open spaces that match what buyers are looking for. Stagers can create a showcase-worthy home that is poised to generate the highest offers. Working with an expert stager, you will be setting your home up for success.

Hire a professional photographer

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In addition to a professional stager, it’s a great idea to team up with a professional photographer who has the tools and skills to make your home look absolutely astounding. Expert photographers understand the best angles and lighting to portray the real beauty of your home and capture an accurate image of each space.
Photography is incredibly important because it sets the tone and is often the first impression buyers will get of your home online. With stunning photography gracing your listing, buyers will be enticed to click for more details or schedule an in-person tour. Professional photographers have all the equipment you’ll need to capture gorgeous views of large interior spaces that can be difficult to capture with an amateur camera. They also can easily generate a plethora of content that will keep buyers scrolling through your listing and seeking more information about your property.

Create stunning showings

A great real estate agent knows how to put on incredible showings that wow and impress your potential buyers by showcasing your home's best features. For example, for a home that has stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, a daytime showing might be more effective so buyers can gaze at the sights that make your home so special. Real estate agents will also have valuable connections with other agents, and they can bring in potential buyers that could be a great fit for your property.

Get ready to negotiate

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When selling your home, it’s crucial to have a real estate agent who is a master negotiator on your side. You want to work with someone who will always conduct themselves professionally and work with your best interests at heart. Your agent will represent you during communication with the buyer’s agent and during negotiations, so you need to work with someone you can trust to negotiate effectively and adeptly. This is where your agent comes in.
If you’re ready to sell your Cherry Hills home, Ashleigh Fredrickson is ready to help. Ashleigh has extensive experience in the Cherry Hills real estate market and promises top-tier guidance every step of the way. Reach out to Ashleigh when you’re ready to begin reaching your home-selling goals.

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Her commitment to understanding and staying ahead of real estate market trends, extensive knowledge of Denver's neighborhood dynamics, and white glove service to buyers and sellers alike have led to her continued success.

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